Rota Liman Hizmetleri Sanayi A.Ş. in Istanbul in 1986, under the Turkish Commercial Code and Foreign Capital Law.

The owner of the company is SEAMENT HOLDING, which is operating in the International cement trading market. Seament Holding owns a fleet of about 30 specially designed cement carriers and floating silos and operates all over the World, throgh various of its subsidiaries, affliates, branches and liason offices and by using the advantages of this highly mobile facilities, maintains a considerable market share in the World. The Holding also owns Land Terminals and facilities, operatings in more than 20 Countries.


In 1987 the Turkish Government had announced an International tender for a "floating terminal" to meet the cement shortage in Istanbul market. The tender was awarded to "Seament Group" who could come up with an immediate solution to the problem. "Seament Group" being the leader in cement terminal ownership and in independent international cement trading had immediately mobilized "Sealo I", a floating Cement Terminal to be at Yarimca Port, about 75 Kms to Istanbul, on June 1, 1987. Towards the end of July 1987 "Sealo I" was replaced by "Seament IX". The new barge had a storage capacity of 80.000 MT.

Milestones In The History Of Rota

  • Rota Denizcilik ve Ticaret A.Ş., being a Seament Group company, has undertaken the running of the operation at the Yarımca Port.
  • Between 1987-1990 a total of approx. 2.665.000 MT of cement was handled by Rota.
  • During this period Rota handled for Çitosan - the State owned cement organisation.
  • During the general strike in the cement industry in 1990 "Seament IX" was the only facility which supplied cement to Istanbul territory.
  • Rota had obtained a special permit to purchase and import "Seament IX" at the end of 1990.
  • After having completed the necesary procedures the Turkish flag was hiosted on "Seament IX" in mid 1991.
  • During 1995-1996 a jetty for third party port activity was constructed ( detailed in port facilities section )
  • In 1996 Rota constructed 2 cement storage silos of 10.000 Tons each complete with packing machines, bulk loading stations and weightbridges. Cement is discharged from the ships, by a Siwertell ship unloader on the jett and transfered to the silos via a close conveyor belt system.
  • In 1996, after the completion of the Land Terminal and related facilities, operations moved from "Seament IX" to the new facility.
  • In 1997 Rota, started a new investment project, the project was to construct a Grain storage & Handling Terminal with discharging & storage facilities at the Port. Details of this project is given in the Grain Terminal section.
  • Construction of the Grain Terminal with the integrated facilities completed in mid 1999 and inaugurated by President Süleyman Demirel on July 13, 1999.'
  • Construction of the 2 nd warehouse in 2003.
  • Extension of the existing pier by 16m as to handle RO-RO ships & consequently to get new berthing space (under construction)

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